Monday, March 17, 2014

More progress on SCS

Hi again,
As the saying goes, sometimes it has to get a little bit bad to get better. Steve and I (mostly Steve) I was his cheerleader, spent a lot of hours on Miss Super Cute Shasta this week-end. We finally have it totally gutted. Whew...big job!!
The toilet is out! The shower is too. Can't wait to get the shower pan re-enameled with black and turquoise speckles..:)

This is the BAD!!!! Steve can fix it though. He can fix anything!!! I try not to take that for granted!!

The wood on the front is in great condition, since it was not buried in the dirt. When Steve removed the siding it is amazing that some is so rotten and some actually looked brand new still!!! Windows removed too...:)
This is the area with the shower and toilet removed.

Down to the floor, the fridge is out now too, even though still in this photo. We bought wood and next progress is to start rebuilding rotten areas.

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